TOPS Founder Ken Jones

All that being said, we have the people to take care of your business!

At TOPS, people come first: and that is why over 35 years ago Ken Jones had the vision to start a company that would partner with your company. To help you grow. To help you achieve your goals. Ken's dream was a company that did not "sell" you a product but a company that provided you a SOLUTION to your everyday business needs. Today, 35 years later, you will still see the word "Solutions" on everything we do.

As a locally owned and operated company, TOPS has earned the reputation as one of the few companies that put you ahead of their own needs. We understand that in order for us to grow and prosper, our first concern must be your growth and prosperity. With that in mind, we draw our daily operational plans, simply put: you come first.While TOPS has enjoyed a 35-year success story, it has not been without its difficulties. In 2002, our founder, passed away. Ken's wife Gwenda took over as the president and chief operating officer at that time and the company has continued to grow today. We have a staff of 16 people with over 200 years of combined office experience.